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shop from the biggest retailers in the world with crypto

shop directly from the zoidpay wallet application or with our chrome extension

the zoidpay ecosystem

from technology to marketing, banking and international business development, our team’s expertise has expanded over the years.



global merchants aggregator that provides users with over $1 billion liquidity per day to spend their crypto assets on major e-commerce platforms.

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mobile wallet to manage crypto finances in a user-friendly environment, while merchants can use it as an mpos to accept crypto payments.

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crypto card

a blockchain agnostic card that enables users to make contactless payments with their crypto assets. pair it with your wallet via nfc.

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zoidpay marketplace

marketplace aggregator with universal search and filtering for providing liquidity to all digital assets. buy anything from anywhere.

access the biggest global marketplaces

global search and filtering for products

easy onboarding and user friendly


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access it from the zoidpay wallet as a user or add it as a service to your exchange, wallet or platform.

for exchanges

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that want to offer liquidity to their users inside the platform.

for wallets

that want to offer liquidity to their users inside the app.

for platforms

that want to add a marketplace component to serve their users.



coming soon


chrome extension

shop directly from your browser from any retailer by connecting your wallet to our chrome extension.

connect any wallet

simply scan the qr code to connect and you are ready for shopping.

shop with all the major crypto

liquidity for all major cryptocurrencies, seamless shopping experience.


why use zpay?

zpay exclusive staking

stake your zpay tokens and earn weekly rewards in the zoidpay wallet.

special deals & discounts

the more zpay tokens you hold or stake, the higher the benefits are in the zoidpay marketplace.

zero transaction fees

token holders pay zero fees for on-chain zpay transactions.

ecosystem exclusive defi

seamless borrowing, lending, crypto-to-fiat gateway, staking mechanisms and more.


get ready for the marketplace launch!

users can access it from the zoidpay wallet to purchase products and services with their digital assets and other platforms can use it as a service on their custom domain or application.

be a part of our community!


the new

zoidpay wallet

zoidpay wallet is a non-custodial wallet that enables people to manage their crypto finances in a seamless matter.

transfer zpay with zero fees

access zoidpay marketplace

buy crypto via debit card

download the new zoidpay wallet app

new materials coming soon


crypto card

the zoidpay card is the first crypto card in the world that enables users to perform peer-to-peer transactions and in store payments in a contactless manner.

works with any blockchain

contactless payments via nfc

highly secure with smartchip

p2p payments between wallets


our partners

we’ve partnered with origin protocol, gilded finance and cryptocoin.pro to deliver third party integrations that ease the way to adoption for our users

roadmap 2021

here’s what we’re releasing from june to september.

zoidpay marketplace

for users, merchants and platforms. buy anything from anywhere with your digital assets.

chrome extension

chrome extension with wallet and marketplace access. stake, earn and shop from the biggest marketplaces worldwide.

zoidpay merchant

custom interface for merchants to accept in-store payments. also get access to merchant staking pools.

zoidpay staking

participate in staking pools for users and merchants and earn zpay daily.

zoidpay carbon fiber

crypto card issued by zoidpay that allows p2p payments.

badges & stickers

metal nfc & qr badge, nfc & qr resin sticker for merchants to accept in-store payments.

zoidpay metal card

crypto card issued by zoidpay that allows p2p payments. three color options available – black, dark gray, gold.

zoidpay request

request crypto & get fiatand vice versa. for b2b clients that want to accept crypto payments.

zoidpay issuance

issue custom crypto cards for exchanges, wallets and platforms.

online payments

ecommerce plugins for all major platforms and custom integrations and settlement.

our team

meet the members of the zoidpay team, along with our advisory board.

get to know us by reading our medium publication

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