vlookup from another workbook

generic formula 

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=vlookup (b5,[workbook]sheet!range,4,0)


to lookup product data, pricing, or other information stored in a separate (external) workbook, you can use the vlookup function with a full reference to the other workbook. in the example shown, the formula in c5 is:

=vlookup (b5,'[product data.xlsx]sheet1'!$b$4:$e$12,4,0)

sample data

the data in the external workbook looks like this:

vlookup from another workbook


this is a standard use of the vlookup function to retrieve data from the 4th column in a table:

  • lookup value comes from b5
  • table_array is a reference to a range in an external workbook
  • col_index is 4, to retrieve data from the fourth column
  • range_lookup is zero to force an exact match

the only difference is the special syntax used for external references, in the “table_array” argument. the syntax for external references is:

  • workbook is the name of the external workbook (i.e. data.xlsx)
  • sheet is the name of the sheet containing the range (i.e. sheet1)
  • range is the actual range for table array (i.e. a1:c100)

the easiest way to enter a reference to an external table, is to begin entering the vlookup function normally. then, when entering the table_array argument, browse to the the external workbook and select the range directly. excel will construct the needed reference automatically.

note: if the workbook with the lookup table is open, vlookup will show the workbook name and address for the table_array argument. if not, vlookup will display the full file path to the workbook + workbook name and address.

handling spaces and punctuation

note the reference to workbook is enclosed in square brackets, and the entire workbook + sheet is enclosed in single quotes. the single quotes are required when the workbook or sheet name contains space or punctuation characters

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vlookup is an excel function to look up data in a table organized vertically. vlookup supports approximate and exact matching, and wildcards (* ?) for partial matches. lookup values must appear in the first

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