turbo pascal (with dosbox) (tpwdb) is a không tính tiền and open source compiler and integrated development environment (ide) for pascal language on windows 64 bit and 32 bit. using basic pascal programming, many functions, no need to install multiple steps and integrate some other tools.


  • runs on windows 32/64 bit thanks to dosbox
  • no need to install multiple steps. easy to use
  • add tool clear/refresh screen dos (shift + f3)
  • run and access it all in one place with the programming center
  • write vietnamese easily in turbo pascal with tcvn library and vietnamese writing mode.

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user reviews

  • i have several programs written in the turbo pascal language, which run normally on 32-bit laptops. now switch to running turbo pascal (with dosbox) on 64-bit laptop, (1) or very long calculation time, (2) or not end the calculation (the cursor is still flashing). we hope to help. thank you!

  • to save exe or com files you must change the compiler menu output from “memory” to “disk”.

  • with the product, i am still a beginner, so , i don’t have much to say for now

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