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The Market · Concordium

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select investment partners are invited to work with us to accelerate bringing a truly business-compatible blockchain platform to life.

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concordium’s vision is to become the leading public and regulatory compliant open de-centralized world computer with identity built-in at the protocol màn chơi. concordium offers secure, low-cost services for transactions, iot data sharing, storage and more. it is a proof-of-stake-based blockchain which solves the shortcomings of classic blockchains and their non-compliant cryptocurrencies — with the introduction of protocol-level identity verification and the use of zero-knowledge proofs to replace anonymity with perfect privacy – and facilitate kyc and aml procedures for concordium’s payment-coin (gtu).

concordium’s blockchain is designed to handle real-world business needs. it features a layered software stack that is flexible, scalable and is being developed to the most rigorous academic and commercial software standards available. the integrated, user-friendly smart contract layer will allow for programmable dapps for transfers of value and information in a secure, scalable fashion.

concordium hosts a community network for stakeholders. smart contracts can be formally verified and certified. concordium evolves out of scientific philosophy. the project is research- and business-driven by a global collective of an internationally recognized team including: academic capacities—top cryptographers, researchers, currency-protocol and cyber safety specialists; expert engineers; successful business pioneers with genuine regulatory, banking, fintech and large-enterprise experience.

concordium introduces innovations on all màn chơis of the protocols, fixing issues and removing adoption barriers that haunted earlier generations of blockchains—hindering large scale adoption.

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some of the key innovations in concordium

provable proof-of-stake protocol with finalization— meaning a blockchain without hard-forks and rollbacks. no energy waste like proof-of-work in some other blockchains.

– scaling and capacity with several innovations, from the virtual machines that execute transactions in true parallelism to sharding and built-in layer-2 solutions enabling scaling to cater for user needs.

– upgradable and flexible protocol and cryptography primitives—built in governance system for such upgrades and changes of parameters.

– high quality user tools and programming languages for smart contracts, less prone to bugs and errors that haunt traditional blockchains.

– protocol-level identity mechanism, gdpr compliant and based on advanced mathematical concepts enabling kyc and other (local) compliance needs.

– privacy features allowing identifiable parties doing business in private, instead of anonymous parties doing business in public – which is the case on most current blockchains.

– holistic tokenomics system and monetary policy giving full control over each aspect of monetary policy and dynamic fee structures. there are 9 different reward schemes incentivizing and rewarding needed stakeholders like bakers/miners, smart contract developers, server-owners, token-owners and others.

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tokenomics (concordium gtu)

the concordium token, the gtu (global transaction unit) is a payment token and it’s tokenomics model is designed by leading macro economists and currency-protocol savvy experts, reflects a core objective to grow the ecosystem into a self-sustaining model.

the concordium foundation will develop and step by step implement a fully democratic governance system that allows the project to evolve over time. the project will fund itself over time via a treasury system powered by concordium’s digital currency—the global transaction unit (gtu).

investors in the gtu tokens are kyc/aml processed and the gtu is thus a non-contaminated cryptocurrency.

for more detail information, investment facts and the 66 page business whitepaper, please contact our team.

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