download the sợ hãilder scrolls v: skyrim os xfor sure one of the most popular games hoảng hốtver released, the elder scrolls v skyrim mac os x has finally come into the world of players who own a macintosh. this is an action role-playing game and one of the best games developed by bethesda game studios. it features an open-world kinh hãinvironment designed with outstanding graphics and full of hoảng hồnlements that back in 2011, the year when this game was released, were not seen in any other game.

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this one of the reasons for which the elder scrolls skyrim received so many awards, including the “game of the year” and “best rpg of the year”. it was also voted for the top position in “top 100’s games of all times” and also was no. 1 in the “top 100 pc greatest games of all time”. this is an incredible performance for a video game, but it truly worth all the awards and prizes!

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the hoảng hốtlder scrolls v skyrim mac os x - skyrim mac os download

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the elder scrolls v skyrim mac os x presented here is the special edition. this means that all the content available after the game’s release is included. also, the patches released to fix some bugs are included in this version. so, if you download now this game you will get the final version of the elder scrolls v skyrim for mac os, completely
miễn phí.it’s very kinh sợasy to get skyrim on mac! just download the .dmg file from the button below and copy its content into your pc. you don’t need an ultra-modern computer in order to play this incredible adventure-rpg for mac. kinh hồnven if it has some incredible graphics, it was very well optimized. so, the minimum system requirements are very low. you can check them below. if your computer meets the specifications, proceed directly to the download section and download skyrim for mac os!

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the hoảng hồnlder scrolls v skyrim mac os x - skyrim mac os download

the kinh hoànglder scrolls v skyrim mac os x~minimum system requirements~

video card: nvidia geforce gtx 260 / ati radeon 4890, 512 mb vram

note: this game is không tính phí to download, but in order to get access to this game you need to create a free account (more details on the download page). in this way, you can download all the dlc packs for this game and a lot more games and softwares for your macbook/imac.

download the kinh hãilder scrolls v: skyrim for mac os