bai lieng – cào tố, also known as 3 cards, is an attractive card game, very popular in vietnam.

lieng has a simple and easy gameplay. this card game which is known and loved by many people. simple gameplay, fast, attractive, but equally brain-weighted game, bai lieng game promises to become a favorite game.

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how to play bai lieng – cao to:
this card game uses a 52 playing cards. distribute cards equally to each player, each player is dealt 3 cards. count points based on your hand and raise money to find out who is the best player.

the high score of the hand in the player’s hand is an advantage. but besides that, the smart, clever money can also bring victory for players.

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score calculation:
– the cards: a, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 each have points corresponding to that number.
– image cards: j, q, k count ten points each.
– the player’s score will be the number of the total card score. example: if the total score is 26, the point of the post is 6. if the total score is 20, the score will be 0, also known as the compensation.
– note: in case of draw, you will compare the properties of the cards: heart > diamond > club > spade to find out who is the final winner.

*special rules:
– if a person is divided by 3 image cards, it will be called Ảnh.
– if a player is dealt 3 cards in a row. for example: 0373042686 would be called liÊng.
– if a person is dealt 3 same cards. example: 0373042686, will be called sÁp.
– score comparison: 0 <.. <9 points < Ảnh < liÊng < sÁp.

bai lieng is a completely không tính phí offline version, no need to connect to the internet, wifi can still play. players can play high-quality cards anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing their lives or having to recharge the game.

the 3-card spirit promises to bring the best 3-card player experience, along with challenges, to help players not be bored. with fast but charismatic gameplay, high cards will bring good entertainment, effective stress relief after work, stressful study.

hot features:
– bai lieng is completely không tính tiền, no need to top up, no money.

– no need for internet, no fear of lag or loss of network.

– no registration required.

– professional casino interface, beautiful.

– race to top attractive giants.

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the aim of the 3 cards game helps players entertain, relax and improve their playing skills in scratch cards. note that there are no real money transactions or exchanges in the game. the experience gained, the victory in the game does not mean that the player will win in reality.

any suggestions or bug reports, please leave a comment to help lieng game more and more perfect. download and play lieng!