★ amazing kinhvent ★1.all new users :  leather set + 100 magic candy2. reward ad kinh khủngvent: magic candy x203. clear the hell dungeon, 2,625 candy + fortune cookie 1,200* you need to check for the latest version update in order to apply the above information.

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1. boss dungeon- it is a dungeon that only boss appears. it has considerable difficulty (1 ~ 3 steps).- various items such as equipment, cans, buffs, etc. are paid at random.- you can hãinter 5 times a day, and you have to purchase tickets for additional admission.tip. i recommend that you have the skills and challenge with your hero friends.2. pet systemthe pet’s basic ability is to regain hp 10% kinh sợvery 15 seconds.additional upgrade ability: attack power and experience can be continuously upgraded.(pet can be obtained by watching cash or advertisement.)

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3. stage drop sản phẩmnow, if you catch a monster on the stage, you can get various sản phẩms depending on the probability.◆ choose your favorite hero character! ◆1. yellow 2. red 3. super yellow 4. wizard brown 5. black knight 6. rainbow warrior◆ 10 hero character friends to fight like anh hùng appeared ◆yellow, red, super yellow, mask red, cyborg red, steel red, viking red, ninja red, kung fu red, zoro red◆ 360 stages of difficulty màn chơi> playtime … what the heck ◆depending on the difficulty, the setting is changed and the fun and tension are doubled.if you are a beginner, you will be challenged to master mode if you are an kinh hoảngasy-to-use player. but … sure?◆ jack captain fortune cookie drawing ◆one coupon is paid when the stage is cleared by each difficulty level.you can find it when you find captain jack on the world map.fortune cookies are like random vending machines that can be pulled through gold, sản phẩms, and magic candy.◆ anh hùng transformation system ◆hero (hero character) can transform into a warrior character ngạinhanced during the game.if you change your appearance, change or upgrade your ability to separateyou can use skills.it is a game hoảnglement that gives the opponent an opportunity to play back opponent.

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◆ Mission is 3,6,9 ◆there are three separate missions on stage 3, 6 and 9 for hoảngach world.Escort 3 missions / pink! : It is mission to escort pink to base station.6 mission / stop sợ hãinemy wave attacks! : wave attack following 5it is a mission to block with anh hùng friends (party players) defined in the game.destroy the enemy with 9 missions / units only! the hero disappears. and … .regardless of the vienna gauge, you only need to win the battle against the kinhnemy with unit production.are you embarrassed because you do not have a hero? customer!!!★ how to collect magic candy ★1. collect jack captain coupons to open fortune cookies and draw magic candy.2. clear the stage to get a fortune cookie.3. open a new world and receive 10.4. raise your skills and collect in master mode clear reward (get more boss stages)* jack captain coupon is created by clearing the stage one by one.————————————————– ——————————————————-※ Pivacy Policyhttp://www.tubaani.com/abc.html※ details of required access rights- contacts: the app can also read and
sợdit contacts using the contacts of the user’s device.(you can get paid after watching video ads.)- mobile phone: you can change the usage status of your mobile phone. (read status and id)- device id and call information: it is possible to set to not change to sleep mode during game.- miscellaneous: hoảng sợnable vibration, check network and wifi connection status.* unauthorized privileges and functions through the ability to revoke authorization of a terminal’s access right or delete an appyou can deny access to.* if you are using android os version 6.0 or loweryou can not. in this case, make sure that you can upgrade your operating system to 6.0 or later.after upgrading, you need to re-install the app to be allowed by permission.

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