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nope oct 15, 2015 8:20 am

[code] hello, dear members! thanks for joining us! ~(=^・ω・^)ノ the club started having interviews and we’d like you to join us! we have all kinds of activities going on in the club, starting with fun games, chat and ending up with serious discussions without having to deal with the forums restrictions! our skype group is big too, we’d love to have you aboard! 良い一日を!

casual discussion 2.0 delivery team~


rabbiac may 31, 2013 12:43 pm

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download-'s profile -

save & rehost
let me know if there is any problems

lolz same problem as me?

i see oo…kinda strange you don’t have a overall favorite and even that changes here and there..i can understand switching a genre to watch something but your favorite/favorites should always be the same lol.

i kinda get it but don’t get the wrong idea…mine is like that because when i started online i watched like 100 first eps but never went further since i was going for numbers…and the others are mainly ongoing’s i fell behind on because i took on to much ><..but i do always go back to stuff on that list time to time lol.

comedy and action/shounen but i watch nearly every genre
right this second i guess hunter x hunter 2011 but idk..its really hard for me to say with watching 17..well technically 19

lol sorry for the delay..i got really caught up in watching stuff yesterday if you look in my history lol

your username

is download

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i keep clicking on your username but nothing is happening

there’s no download d: its a lieeee

no problem ^^

thats good ^^ and lol if you need any help không tính tiền to ask me as i been around a fair amount of time lol.

doing fine,getting a bit tired at the moment but will probably watch more anime later tonight lol.

sadly conversations aren’t my strongest suit..or what i really mean starting them isn’t so…uhm..what is your favorite genre/s?

hello and belated welcome to mal(saw the forum post) so guess i really should say is welcome to the mal community are you?

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