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the updating of external and network drives is very poor. the view is simply not updated and you cannot see the current status. the finder is always up to date here. please fix this!

path finder 10.1 doesn’t appear to play well with high sierra (10.13.6) though i restored the prior version (10.0.4) and it’s back. i’ve contacted cocoatech (they’re typically pretty responsive) about it.

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used pathfinder for years. probably about 8-9 years. recently upgraded to big sur and it slowed down my computer immensely. it’s a memory suck and not worth the lag it causes. i brought this up and their website touts a satisfaction guarantee, that they’ll issue a refund if you’re not happy with the product. it was like pulling teeth to get a refund and they wanted me to try a million “workarounds” to get it to run better on my machine. bad customer service in my opinion. the default macos finder is going to have to do.

edit : dmg is ok. missed the window popup. my bad.

hi, the dmg tryout file doesn’t mount at all. (19,9 mo). weird.

it happen’s often that pf starts on imac login in minimized window in bottom left conrner of the screen. i need to enlarge it manually and set the panes accordingly. how can i avoid this behavior?

i owned pathfinder once and have taken the time to observe the developments and i felt obliged to say that throughout their long run, they have never understood the mac. there is a group in russia who developed an amazing organizer app called ‘outline’ and similarly, it wreaks of being ported from a windows lair that never possessed nor grasped the graphical language and logic of apple computers. to be more specific, choice. there are always multiple ways to customize an apple os and multiple to achieve ones goals. in this way, everyone can find their grrove on a mac, but on apps which maintain the gatesian thinking, users are forced to oblige the format and options provided and generally have one choice regarding user access and interface appearance. path finder has apparently evolved many under the hood features, which techies think are cool, but as a professional designer / mac user since 1989, a custom format is all… and cocoatech continues to focus upon the wrong features imo. what are these forsaken labels and why can’t i rename them? why are tags called labels and tag groups (i think). they find their way into the purity of apple finder tags and cannot be deleted as long at path finder remains. why not simply port and share finder tags? perhaps apple no longer allows third party access but at least allow for one way syncing so that it’s not always a step down to shift from the finder to path finder regarding usabilty. there is so much more to critique, including context! why is it so difficult to find the controls to adjust the interface? there’s a reason contextual menus were invented. the graphical interface has dramatically improved, but this is a fixed, cosmetic layer rather than an authentic user defined environment. to the point, pathfinder has teetered on awesomeness for years now though like the outline app, it has the dna of another mother… and simply and obviously will never get there, at least for mac users who require something different. it may not in fact be a ported pc app code, but if not, the app creators certainly are pc-like thinkers. why would i switch is the question and the answer is that ftp and a dual-pane are just not important enough to surrender the usabilty of the finder.

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this application for me is not just a file manger , it is a complete work flow. don’t know why people don’t give it 5 stars , i use this app every day as a student to manage my files and folders and for me, pathfinder is the best ever finder alternative in the market , it packed with ton of features that i date any one can find in any other similar apps, the dropbox integration, air drop integration, the drop stack that saved me hours of time , the customizable slidebar to my need and the ability to add as much as i want slide bars, the easy to use interface and customizable tagging system make this application stands out since years and many much more features , i don’t write many reviews for apps i use but pathfinder is an exception and not to forget it is one of the most convenient and compatible file manager with latest os big sur with no bugs , it works excellent for me , highly recommend it.

used pathfinder and rode the upgrading/support horse for years – but in my opinion it has now become subscription app in perpetual license clothing. an offering with every release of more and more unnecessary, micro-features which i can help but feel is only to justify yet another upgrade cost, coupled compatibility adjustments without which older versions become increasingly redundant. no file manager should require 10 paid for versions. it’s a supposed to be a file manager but it feels like it now needs a course to learn how to use it. this defeats the core purpose of a file manager. pathfinder team – sadly in my opinion – you have lost the path – i hope you find it again!

i’ve been using pf since its launch, many years ago. i think the developer does his utmost best to make a full time file manager that is very customizable and full featured. i love this app, it takes time getting used to using it as your file manager but once you get used to all the extra features it will be difficult going back to the finder. last i knew the developer worked on this program for a living. i am really tired of all the complaints regarding the upgrade pricing. you complainers, do you have any idea at all, what it takes to develop a software product like pathfinder? trying to keep up with all the changes that apples makes to the finder from year to year and keep pf current, is a full time job in it self. give this indie developer a break. if you don’t want to pay for the upgrades, then don’t upgrade. new features are’t for không tính phí. please stop complaining he needs to eat and the complaints look bad for pf. leave your reviews based on the quality of pf, not the upgrade fees.

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