ddtank, one of the most popular web games around world in the olden days, is now back in 2020 with classic artillery aiming system and years of testing and refinement, here it is a brand new version that has better and different pvp system and best suited for mobile gameplay!

-multiplayer dungeon: daily unique dungeons, new global boss system, you can play with your partners together anytime!
-artillery game: power charge mode and drag & shoot mode, easy
-global server: play with real time battle action against players worldwide!
-guild system: gather your friends, families, friends, and comrades and pursuit the same goal!
-make friends: meet your friends, families, lovers in universe, you can even get married in game!
-variety of weapons: numerous weapons with distinct characteristics, you’d be thrilled each time you fire!
-companions: cute and cuddly pets that aren’t just for show! with abilities & power ups you will never face the enemy alone!

-outfits: special and advanced fashion set which provide you a very unique character in ddtank world!

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the world will be crazy for ddtank once more! are you ready for meeting all the ddtankers around the world now?

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contact us:

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddtankmobile

official website:ddtank.com

according to our “terms of service” and “privacy terms”, only players aged 13 and above can download and play ddtank mobile games without parental consent.

note: internet connection is required to play

privacy policy:


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