introducing craft

craft is a plugin for sketch and photoshop that revolutionizes your design process. manage the plugins via craft manager for incredibly easy updating.

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  • sync
  • prototype
  • dsm
  • data
  • stock
  • freehand

sync your sketch and photoshop designs to invision for superior prototyping. see how sync works

build interactive prototypes with your real design files. see how prototype works

  • native

    build clickable prototypes right inside your design environment.

  • connected

    sync with a click to send your prototypes to invision.

  • interactive

    link artboards with interactive hotspots.

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  • collaborative

    get rapid feedback from your team in real-time.

one place to create, maintain, and evolve your design system see how dsm works

craft | invision

  • available

    cloud storage and versioning for your design system, with role-based permissions.

  • documented

    share your design system, with documentation and code, using a secure web link.

  • design-to-code

    an api for programmatic access to colors, text styles, and icons.

  • built in

    access and update your design system right from sketch.

the ultimate plugin to bring real data to your design. see how data works

  • relevant

    pull real content from a range of sources and place it directly in your design.

  • customizable

    pull from the web, public apis, or your own files.

  • fast

    accelerate your workflow by placing data with a single click.

  • powerful

    pair data’s power with craft’s other plugins to supercharge your design.

  • contextual

    grab and place text and images from real, live websites.

  • real

    use true values, and stop wasting time with lorem ipsum.

  • nimble

    add content to every layer all at once.

  • efficient

    place content at lightning speed.

  • valuable

    pull true api content into your designs.

  • robust

    use the power of real, deep data in every single design.

  • agile

    assign specific json values to each individual layer.

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  • enterprise-ready

    use your own organization’s api values for ultra-relevant design.

powered by craft | invision

enhance your designs with high-resolution imagery from getty and istock. see how stock works

learn more

  • comprehensive

    millions of the world’s best images at your fingertips.

  • seamless

    pick an image, select where you’d like it to appear, and you’re done.

  • dynamic

    powerful search makes it easy to find the perfect photo or illustration.

  • convenient

    search, license, and access download history right inside your design environment.

a fast, flexible new way to collaborate in real time. see how freehand works

craft | invision

  • inclusive

    freehand is for everyone, and all kinds of projects. share artboards and images, then collaborate in real time.

  • agile

    sketch or ps; mobile, tablet, or desktop; no matter where you are, capture live input and collaborate live.

  • infinite

    with unlimited space, there’s no limit on the creativity — or variety — of your ideas.

using the craft manager, you can activate, deactivate, and update all your plugins with ease directly from your desktop.

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