by downloading the firmware from this web page you are agreeing to hikvision’s software user license agreement.
please be aware that hikvision products are region-specific and regionally supported. if you have purchased your hikvision products from an online source or unauthorized distributor, they may not be compatible with the north american region’s firmware and are considered to be “gray market” product. if your camera has “ch” in the serial number, you are most likely using a “gray market” product. updating the firmware from this site can lead to several complications in those cameras, up to and including camera failure.  restoring a “gray market” product to its original condition is a factory process and will result in a chinese interface. as hikvision warranty is void in this case, you must rely on the dealer for any service, support, and warranty of the “gray market” product. if you have any questions or concerns about the official status of your hikvision distributor, please contact hikvision usa customer service at

hikvision provides essential tools for our customers to promote operational and installation efficiency by shortening time spent on project planning, deployment and maintenance. from selecting products, choosing the right lens, calculating storage & bandwidth, configuring devices, to backing up & playing back recorded files, hikvision tools are designed to ease the daily job for our dealers, a&es, system integrators and installers.


the windows-based ivms-4200 is a versatile client software application for hikvision video surveillance, access control and video intercom systems. there are modules for live view, playback, event management, e-maps, attendance and smart device data reporting, such as people counting, queue analysis, heat mapping, license plate recognition and facial recognition. the client software is widely applied to small-scale projects. each client installation is configured, maintained and operated independently. the client software is
miễn phí to download and use, and support is available for free.

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the macos-based ivms-4200 is a versatile client software application for hikvision video surveillance. there are modules for live view, playback, event management and e-maps. the client for macos is now 64-bit and has a new user interface and capabilities including hik-connect cloud p2p, thermal camera support, atm/vca/pos playback, and more. the client is suitable for mac users that need to manage small-scale hikvision video surveillance systems. the client software is
miễn phí to download and use, and support is available for
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based on a client-server architecture, hikcentral professional offers a central management system for businesses to manage and run daily security tasks. you will find surveillance-related functions such as live viewing and playback along with other integrated functions such as facial recognition, access control, alarm management, vehicle management with license plate recognition, under vehicle surveillance and more. customers can purchase only the modules needed, and add more advanced modules any time with simple licensing. licenses last a lifetime with one-time purchase and support remains
miễn phí. hikcentral professional has the flexibility to integrate with third-party access control, automation and other systems using the opensdk or hikcentral optimus middleware. all these functions combine to create a powerful, flexible and efficient central management system.  one server can manage up to 3,000 cameras and 512 access points. multiple servers can be unified up to 100,000 cameras using the remote site management (rsm) module. the user interface is clear and intuitive without any right-click menus, making it convenient to perform tasks ranging from video management to user-authorization management. with robust data protection, a fail-safe design, high scalability, simple operation and third party integration, hikcentral professional is the ideal central security system platform.

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