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do i need to use the new nc launcher?
A:the new nc launcher is required to play blade & soul as of april 17, 2019.
Q:what languages are supported by the new nc launcher?
A:the new nc launcher supports the following languages: kinh hồnnglish (us), kinh khủngnglish (uk), french, german, and portuguese (brazil).

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Q:how do i select my language with the new nc launcher?
A:to select your preferred language click the settings cog in the top right-hand corner and select “launcher language” and choose your language option.
Q:how do i know that i am using the new nc launcher installation file and not the old launcher installation file?
A:the new launcher installation file is nclauncher2_installer.exe. that is the file you want to use to install the new nc launcher. the old launcher installation file is bns_launcher_setup.exe. do not use bns_launcher_setup.exe.
Q:do i need to reinstall blade & soul?
A:if you have blade & soul installed on your computer, the new nc launcher installation process will automatically detect it and you will not be required to reinstall the game. if you have a blade & soul shortcut on your desktop (that has not been renamed or altered), that shortcut will be automatically updated to direct to the new nc launcher and you may continue to use that to launch the game.
Q:i am having difficulty installing and launching the new nc launcher. what do i do?

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A:make sure you have windows 7 (or later) installed as your operating system as this is required to use the new nc launcher. if you are still having difficulties, please contact our customer support team for assistance.
Q:are there any changes to the system requirements for blade & soul?
A:there are no changes to the system requirements for blade & soul. the current system requirements for blade & soul can be found here.
Q:can i resize the new nc launcher?
A:yes, the new nc launcher window can be manually adjusted by the user.

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