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if you are looking for a good free adventure game similar to monkey island, broken sword, samorost, or tomb raider, there are lots of game series from the adventure game genre to be explored at gametop! click adventure games, murder mystery, solving a complex puzzle or other clever puzzles, you can build your own adventure gaming narrative here.

besides action adventure games, you can also embark on a graphic adventure rpg with a strong focus on storytelling, or even a text adventure gameplay like a visual novel. you can also try out click adventure games similar to kentucky route zero journey through the eyes of your main character, be it gabriel knight, a jedi in star wars, or any hero in any sequel – the possibilities are endless.

the adventure genre is vast, and you as a player are spoilt for choice. whose adventure story will you listen to? which interactive fiction are you going to start on today? let the curious kid within you surface as you tackle minigames in any of the adventure video game we have!


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