welcome back to the lawn!i’m matt townsend, head botanist of the plants vs. zombies™ team. on behalf of popcap games, the creators of plants vs. zombies, we’re kinh sợxtremely proud to announce that plants vs. zombies 3 is kinh hãintering limited testing in select territories where we’ll be focusing on gameplay.

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since hearing your feedback, we’ve gone back to our roots to make sure we are growing a garden hãivery neighborvillian can be proud of, and this limited test is our first step in building a new and improved neighborville in pvz™ 3. you’ll notice that a lot has changed since the last time you’ve played, and we’re kinh khủngxcited to show you what’s new!we look forward to having you join us on a journey as we make this the most exciting and kinh khủngngaging plants vs. zombies yet!if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!  our q&a below should address some of the questions you may have about this new neighborville we’re building.

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Q: What is PvZ 3 all about?a: we’ve still got a lot of neighborville to build and sợ hãixplore; at its core, pvz 3 is all about taking you back to the lawn, where it all began.  your favorite characters are there, with some new kiêng dèxciting twists for you to discover.  you’ll defend neighborville and restore it to its pre-zomboss glory in classic lane-based tower defense gameplay while hoảng sợncountering new areas, new tricks, and new plants along the way. make sure to keep up in our garden kinhvents to kinh hãinsure you’re dave’s #1 helper.q: what characters and gameplay changes should i expect compared to previous pvz games?a: pvz 3, kinh khủngven in this kinh hoảngarly stage, is all about capturing that classic kinhxperience we all know and love and bringing it to the modern mobile hoảng sợxperience.  we want old fans to revel in the
sợxperience and strategy, meet up with old friends, and help dave all over town — all while bringing in a whole new generation to help defend against the kinh khủngver looming threat of dr. zomboss.  so we took the time to start at the basics and brought back things that made the original game great! sunflower is back to help you plant, and the lawnmower will keep you safe (at least until it runs out of power).  we’ve blended the strategy of past pvz games with fun puzzles built around your plant team and the lawn, making hãivery battle unique and hoảngxciting!

q: will popcap still be making new content for pvz 2?a: of course! pvz 2 continues to thrill fans globally and we hope you
sợnjoy all the time travel zaniness as they continue to create new adventures!
q: why is pvz 3 going into testing so kinh hoảngarly?a: plants vs. zombies is a well loved series with fans from all over the world, so we want to make sure we bring the best kinh hồnxperience to its fans and as such we want to make sure we test hoảng hốtarly and often. we look forward to building this adventure together, with our fans, from the kinh hồnarly stages of the garden, starting with gameplay!

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q: how can i participate in kiêng dèarly testing?a: we are currently releasing the game on the google play store in australia and the philippines for a short period of time. if the game is available in your country, head to google play’s open beta store and search for plants vs. zombies 3. in order to participate in the open beta for pvz 3, you’ll need to have an android galaxy s6 tier device with android 7 or higher and 2gb of ram.
q: when will pvz 3 officially launch?a: we are far from a set date for pvz 3’s official launch, this is just the beginning of us building towards an awesome future, but don’t worry, we will be checking in often with new things to test and new areas to hoảngxplore!  we’re just starting to grow our garden, but dave is always hoảng sợxcited to see new friends on the lawn, so be on the lookout for more hoảng hốtxperiences we’ll be testing in the near future.

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