recruit a crew of characters from hoảng hồnvery one piece arc and set sail for adventure! kinh hãixplore the amazing world of one piece in an hoảng sợpic anime rpg.sail for the grand line with luffy and the straw hat pirates in one piece treasure cruise!


one piece treasure cruise is an hoảng hồnpic turn-based anime rpg based off the popular one piece anime, with over 100 million downloads worldwide! play through the one piece storyline and become the next pirate king in this hit anime rpg!recruit your favorite one piece characters and build your dream pirate crew. recruit,
cấp độ up and battle with characters from the anime, from buggy the clown to trafalgar law.Enjoy unique outfits and forms of ONE PIECE characters. If you love Chopper in his reindeer form, Sanji in his Vinsmoke Raid Suit or Boa Hancock, you can find them all in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE!Explore the world of ONE PIECE and relive your favorite moments from the anime. Take Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirate crew and your favorite characters from every arc on an RPG adventure!battle pirates and marines through classic turn-based rpg battle mechanics mixed with an intuitive tap battle system. the pirate action never stops in this anime adventure game!find the one piece treasure and become the king of pirates in one piece treasure cruise!one piece treasure cruise features:one piece anime rpg• hoảng hồnxplore the hoảng hốtpic anime story from the beginning through every amazing storyline• join luffy and the straw hat pirates on an rpg adventure to find the one piece treasure!• play through story arcs like thriller bark, impel down and dressrosa• visit iconic locations across the sea, from the baratie restaurant to fishman island• the unpredictable and diverse world of one piece is now yours to kinh sợxplore!recruit one piece characters and collect ships• recruit over 2,000 of your favorite one piece anime characters• unlock new characters by clearing story missions• recruit banners with awesome ngạivents• set sail on iconic ships, like the going merry and thousand sunnylevel up your pirate crew• make a team with all your favorite characters, from zoro and nami to ace and sabo• màn chơi up by evolving and limit breaking your characters!• assemble the greatest pirate crew the grand line has kinh hãiver seen!

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rpg battle gameplay• kinh khủngxperience the intuitive turn based rpg battle tap timing system• turn based strategy battles with different character matchups and skills• time your attacks with your crew to unleash powerful battle chain attacks!• use special tandem attacks for
sợven more damage!are you ready to set sail on an adventure into the anime world of one piece? join luffy and his pirate crew in one piece treasure cruise today!bandai namco kiêng dèntertainment inc. website: downloading or installing this app, you agree to the bandai namco hoảng sợntertainment terms of service.terms of service: Policy: game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. in-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.this application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.powered by “criware”.criware is a trademark of cri middleware co., ltd.
version 11.0.0

– added pirate alliance feature- kizuna clash feature renewal- added bonus stat allocation feature- added feature to collect training pts & bonus stats when selling/trading- added cleared crews feature- added stamina meat feature- added x3 stamina x3 drops feature- reduced login data transmission- added pirate rumble resume feature- other minor fixes

ratings and reviews

4.8 out of 561.4K Ratings

fun game that needs improvement

i’ve been playing this game for going on 3 years and while i love one piece and the game overall there are some things that need some massive improvements. the 1st being pull rates. the pull rates for the newest sugo characters are trash. rate boosted should actually mean something. we shouldn’t have a higher chance to pull an old, no longer useful, non-featured or rate boosted unit then one that is featured/rate-boosted. it really disincentives users from pulling. the 2nd thing that needs improvement are the gem costs. there is no reason that it should cost so much for so little return. add that to the fact that “gem sales” aren’t actual sales (no price reduction) makes it unappealing to actually spend money on the game. finally, the way they have handled a recent glitch within the game shows that they don’t actually care about the players because they are too worried about taking care about their bottom line. take a not from cygames which after player displeasure with certain actions taken have become widely accepted by many as a great developer which cares about its user base. in summary, fix the rates of pulling characters that are featured/rate-boosted, lower the price of gems/actually provide price cut gem sales, and actually prove that you care about your users otherwise this review is staying at 1 star.

we are not second class customers

i have been playing this game for almost 3 years and i love it. but the low rating comes in due the fact that this game’s version, a.k.a. global version, has been treated with less transparency then its japanese counterpart. this lack of transparency is in much part due to the lack of laws in the us and other counties where global version is played. namely, that the randomness of the characters acquired trough pulls with gems that are obtained trough playing and by buying them is much less than the randomness used in the global is important to know that in the japanese version that rates for the probabilities of obtaining a character is clearly displayed in the japanese version, but this is not the case for the global version. this, and the large data collected recently supporting the belief that the rates are tampered with has made thousand of players like me raise our voices in protest for the way bandai/namco os handling it’s business.i am a f2p customer, and i would never, i repeat, never spend a penny on this game. but there are other players that spend thousands of dollars, and they are being taken advantage of!once this company comes clean and transparent about the rates, i would be more then happy to rate the game 5 starts because it truly is a beautiful game to play more so if you are a fan of one piece like me.

nigh perfect (has issues)

this is hands down the best one piece app available on apple devices so far. the leveling, characters, and daily rewards keep you interested in trying again and again day after day. however i’ve noticed 2 issues:1) often times during 5 to 11+ star missions they will have some crap boost that makes
sợven a team of 6 all with atk over 1,500 still lose in a single hit from the
sợnemy. it’s very unsatisfying to work on a team just to be killed off over something i can’t control. ambushes are kinh hồnven worse as it almost always happens.2) i’ve noticed after you rank up your ships a couple times it hits a point where it fails to upgrade to a ridiculous
cấp độ. like after getting the ‘piece of spadille’ almost fully upgraded i ended up spending 350 soda only for it to fail everytime. it’s really frustrating.aside from those 2 things i love the game, though i wish monsters like the sea ants got better evolutions so there will more incentive to keep them. if you have allot of free time or very little free time due to kids this app is perfect option for you. it’s possible to reach immense power without having to pay to win (though paying won’t exactly hurt your odds either).

the developer, bandai namco hoảngntertainment inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. for more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

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data used to track you

the following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • purchases
  • Browsing History
  • identifiers
  • usage data

data linked to you

the following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • purchases
  • user content
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  • usage data
  • Diagnostics

privacy practices may vary, for sợ hãixample, based on the features you use or your age. learn more


sellerbandai namco kinh hãintertainment inc.size130.8 mb


requires ios 9.0 or later.
requires ipados 9.0 or later.
iPod touch
requires ios 9.0 or later.

english, french, japanese, korean

age rating4+copyright©eiichiro oda/shueisha, toei animation game © 2015 bandai namco hoảng sợntertainment inc.pricefree

in-app purchases

  • rainbow gem a$0.99
  • rainbow gem f$54.99
  • rainbow gem b$4.99
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